The 7C Alliance is a private industry and professional
research and development organisation for independent
technology professionals. We  are interested in both
business networking for understanding the latest
developments for managing, supporting and using  
technology as well as social networking for supporting our
professional lifestyle and development of the small- to
medium-sized business (SMB) that we own and operate,
including work as independent IT and Telecom contractors.

The aim of doing this is to help us to use, manage and
support technology objectively and independently, as well as
increase potential for small technology businesses to be
started up and developed in the UK and European Union.  

7C Alliance Limited

7C Alliance Limited is a business we use to help us
understand and test new technology independent of vendors,
thereby helping us with what we need to know about
technology for our work and enabling us to be objective when
engaging with our clients. This includes using new
technology for networking with each other to increase our
opportunity for work as well as collaborating in how we would,
or should, deploy, manage, support and use technology at
our clients' sites.

The 7C Alliance also use 7C Alliance Limited as the single
point of contact for receiving training in industry certifications -
such as PRINCE2 and ITIL - as well as getting equipped for
work cost-effectively.  7C Alliance Limited also seeks to
discover ways to improve efficiency in seeking and doing
work, including working closely with some of the leading
recruitment agencies in the UK and Europe to better
understand and support the supply chain for the independent
technology professional's services.

Our aim is to use 7C Alliance Limited to assure our capability
and source ways to get the best for being the best through
networking and sharing costs of professional development
and support services.

Our Members

All of our members operate independently, generally through
their own limited liability companies or partnerships, and do
not operate payroll and accounting, umbrella companies or
training businesses.  We are however happy to have
recruitment agencies and training service providers join us for
discussion about our needs, as well as development of the IT
industry and market for business technology, through the
UK and European Open Practice Technology Network, a
discussion group on LinkedIn that is sponsored by 7C
Alliance Limited, and supported by the 7C Alliance
Independence through
7C Alliance
Who are we and Why?
Our Mission
Contact us:
0845 869 1931
"To increase opportunity
for work in technology
through raising
awareness of what or why
technology is needed and
understanding the 7C (tm)
principles of the supply
chain for the independent
technology professional