The 7C Alliance increases opportunity for work by grouping
members together according to how their capability aligns with one
another as well as with industry best practice and latest
developments in the marketplace.  

Starting with an analysis of their current capability, needs and
status for work, members are coached or otherwise supported in
ways that help them understand what they do best, and how best
they can source work based on
the relevance of their capability to
market as well as their professional and personal goals

They are then provided with access to a network of fellow
professionals ("
the 7C Alliance"), as well as recruitment agencies,
consultancies and end-clients that are known by the 7C Alliance to
be reliable, from who they can receive leads for work.  

The 7C Alliance also helps generally with sharing intelligence on  
both the industry and the market, including best ways to source
and know how to do technology work through a mix of online
networking through social media as well as events. This includes
advice and education provided by leading industry and
professional experts, fellow technology professionals and
recruiters. Technical publications are also available at a discount
from  The Stationery Office (TSO), the UK Government's publisher,
and McGraw Hill, a leading publisher of educational and technical

Membership Structure
Members are organised according to general sets of goals and
needs for contracting as outlined in the page on
Types.  The independent technology professional requests an
invitation to join based on membership type relevant to their current
status and interest for work in technology.   

The 7C Approach
Beyond the general classification of members, 7C Alliance Limited
brings together business, career, life and recruitment coaches to
meet each and every member so that we understand more
specifically about what they want to gain from work in technology
and support them on what they need to do to achieve their
professional and personal goals from it.  

This can include going from work as a permanent employee to
work as either an independent contractor, start up of a business
(and hence becoming a Business Member) or to becoming a
leading authority in an area of technology (and hence becoming a
Principal Associate)

The Alliance Network
Once each member's capability and goals are known, they are
aligned with other members who have compatible capability and
interests for work - as well as aligned professionally and
personally - so that they can share leads and referrals for work as
well as collaborate on professional and business development

This includes being able to enlist the support of Business
Members for development of business ideas and opportunities or
Premium Members for better understanding of how technology
works or is supported.

Mentoring and Upskilling Programme
The 7C Alliance also has a programme where Associate and
Senior Associate Members can be engaged and mentored or

The programme includes the concept of a Study Group where
members are grouped according to common interests for  
self-study in technical and industry certifications, and receive
recommendations on textbooks known to be successful in helping
pass certification exams as well as referred to training
organisations through who they can sit the exams.  The textbooks
are also available for sale at a discount through 7C Alliance
Limited being a reseller of The Stationery Office (TSO) and McGraw
Hill books.  

Regular training courses can also be organised with an Accredited
Training Organisation (ATO), and are also available at a discount
as well as managed by a 7C Alliance member as a training project.
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How it works
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