The idea began in early 2003 when a group of IT contractors gathered to
discuss reaction to a general downturn in the market as well as
changes in IR35 legislation - both of which had led to uncertainty about
the benefits of contracting.

It was realised that, through coming together as a group organised
around a common understanding of needs, and using a structured
process, that contractors could readily share ideas, knowledge and
contacts that would help with getting, doing and managing contract work
- however could still retain their independence.  

It was realised that a service was needed, independent of the business
support businesses, that would act as the focal point for sharing needs
and opportunities for work and not unduly or unfairly limit us in our
access and operation in the market.

7C Alliance Limited was therefore started as a business to provide a
single point of contact that could be trusted to focus on the full needs of
the group, while not prejudicing the individual in what they wanted to
gain individually from contract work in technology.  It would therefore
advise and support an increase in opportunity to source work as well as
operate both effectively and cost-effectively in the market.
About Us
7C Alliance
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0845 869 1931
Independence through
"To increase opportunity
for work in technology
through raising
awareness of what or why
technology is needed and
understanding the 7C (tm)
principles of the supply
chain for the independent
technology professional
Our Mission