Being a member of the 7C Alliance increases opportunity for
work in technology through scope to receive leads from fellow
members and trusted sources that an individual would not
otherwise receive through public sources such as applying
online through vacancies advertised on agency web-sites and
online job boards.  

In addition to this, the 7C Alliance sponsors networking
groups, such as the
UK and European Open Practice
Technology Network (OPTN) and the London IT Contractor
Alliance Meetup group, that bring members together with
leading industry experts and recruiters so as to better
understand best practice and latest developments in
technology as well as the marketplace for technology services.

7C Alliance Limited is complementing the OPTN in 2010 with
a secure online members' environment where stores of
members' knowledge can be shared, along with the ability to
network online with other members on their experiences in the
industry or marketplaces where they work.  This will provide
members with sources of best practice and advice that will
enable them to be the best that they can be, as well as use
this in assuring their ability to deliver.

7C Alliance Limited also provides an independent technology
professional with the type of benefits that they would typically
only receive if worked for a big corporate enterprise. This is
done through members understanding and advising what they
need as well as agreeing to share costs of products and
services they need to market and professionally support
themselves. The independent professional can therefore
make savings from several hundred to several thousand
pounds through being a member of the 7C Alliance - and far
outweighing the cost of membership.

Thus, the 7C Alliance network combined with services from
7C Alliance Limited, allows the independent professional to
have the freedom to choose who they work for and where, as
well as what types of technology - or practices in managing or
supporting technology - that they prefer to work with and be an
expert, along with all the benefits of a big corporation.
Benefits of Belonging
7C Alliance
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Independence through
"To increase opportunity
for work in technology
through raising
awareness of what or why
technology is needed and
understanding the 7C (tm)
principles of the supply
chain for the independent
technology professional
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