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  1. 7C Alliance reserves the right to use registrants' professional details
    for its own internal marketing purposes, however this information is
    for statistical purposes only and individual registrant's or member's
    details will not be disclosed without permission of the registrant or
  2. Registrant's or member's contact details will not be provided to
    external third parties, such as contract recruitment agencies or IT
    training businesses, without prior express permission of the
    registrant or member
  3. Individual registrant's and member's ownership of intellectual property
    is respected and no ownership of an individual's IP by 7C Alliance is
    assumed or presumed through holding membership with 7C Alliance
  4. All members are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as part
    of taking up membership.  This protects anything that they disclose to
    other members, or anything that other members disclose to them.
  5. Membership of 7C Alliance entitles the member to receive advice or
    support for managing their IT contracting, but no employment
    relationship is implied by this nor does this entitle any member to use
    7C Alliance brand for conducting business.
  6. Express permission must be sought from the Director(s) of 7C
    Alliance before using the 7C Alliance logo or making any reference to
    the 7C Alliance brand in communication with agencies, IT training
    companies or other participants in the supply chain for IT contractor
    services. Breach of this understanding will make a member or
    registrant liable for prosecution under the laws of England and
  7. Information collected in relation to individuals shall remain protected
    under the terms of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 - and data will not
    be shared with third parties without express consent of the individual.
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