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Membership Types
7C Alliance
Contract Job-seekers:
These are technology professionals who perform a technical
delivery role - including analyst, developer or administrator - and
are interested to find out about the current status of the market for
contract work through meeting other contractors, as well as
recruiters or market analysts.  Through joining the 7C Alliance will
understand what recruitment agencies, consultancies and
end-clients are relevant and best for recruitment in their area as
well as can be trusted.  They can also learn what rate is
reasonable to charge and how best to market themselves  

7C Alliance assists these individuals by providing services such
as a free CV review, a set of trusted contacts, a secure online
network to share leads as well as other structured processes and
support staff which enable them to source work, market
themselves and receive both professional, business and
personal support for working effectively and happily in the UK or
other parts of the European Union.

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Senior Associates
These are interim managers or independent consultants who
manage or advise on project or service delivery.

An interim manager includes project managers and programme
managers as well as interim CIO, CTO, IT Director or Service
Delivery Manager who are responsible for an aspect of project or
service delivery.

An independent consultant will be someone who either advises
business owners and key stakeholders, such as CEOs, CFOs,
CIOs or CTOs, on how to improve how their businesses, or
business functions, or on how the business can best be
managed or operated for achieving their business goals and

As these individuals are not just interested in the how the
technology works but also in strategy and best practice for
management and delivery,  7C Alliance assists these members
with professional and business research and development,
including connecting them with contacts.  It will also provide
professional advice and support as done for Associates, however
allowing for partnership with other professional organisations for
developing leadership and soft skills.

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Business Members
These are people who are interested to build a business based
on their own ideas and innovations - and so are seeking like-
minded individuals to discuss them with as well as help do. They
are also typically seeking those who can help manage delivery of
the products or services associated with their idea, invention or
innovation - and can help them both envision the concept so as
to enable delivery of it cost-effectively and efficiently, as well as in
line with how the concept meets a need or set of requirements in
the marketplace.

7C Alliance assists such members in providing advice for the
principal of the business so that they, and any dependents that
they may have, can rest assured that they are supporting
themselves effectively in the first instance. The Business
Member's business concept itself (aka their "brain child") is then
looked at after considering what they themselves need to survive.
This analysis of the Business Member's needs for survival is
done in the same way as done for Senior Associate Members.

The following are key principles and values of how 7C Alliance
supports Business Members:

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Principal Associate
These are people who are considered experts in an area and
are interested in either mentoring Associate Members, coaching
Senior Associate members, or providing advice to Business
Members, as well as being available for talks at industry events
organised by the 7C Alliance and training through Accredited
Training Organisation (ATO).

They will have written white papers and discussion documents  
that facilitate best practice or thought leadership, as well as
provide intellectual property that can be used as input to
proposals for new business.

7C Alliance provides cost-effective marketing support and
promotion for these talented individuals through providing an
integrated mix of staff, from those experienced in contact
management and public relations to those with some
knowledge in the Premium Member's field, who can assist them
with identifying contacts, business support and marketing that
they require for both exposure and work at a high profile level.

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"To increase opportunity
for work in technology
through raising
awareness of what or why
technology is needed and
understanding the 7C (tm)
principles of the supply
chain for the independent
technology professional
Our Mission
Independence through
Senior Associate
International Associate
Business Member
Principal Associate
International Associate
These are independent technology professionals who are not
ordinarily resident (NOR) in the United Kingdom nor a national of
the European Economic Area (EEA), however are interested to be
connected with the online network and share knowledge and
contacts for facilitating best practice and understanding latest
developments in the industry.

This includes people who may be interested in 7C Alliance
members to work with them outside of the UK and EU, or are
otherwise seeking contacts to work with inside the UK and EU.

7C Alliance assists these individuals by providing a set of
structured processes and support staff which connect them with
those who best support them according to their goals and needs
for wanting to be associated with the 7C Alliance.

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7C Alliance Limited connects members according to how their
capability and goals align with each other and the market.

It also supports members through professional support
services such as:

It therefore aims to provide what members need to both
effectively and cost-effectively prepare for, equip and do work in
technology independently of a large corporate as well as
increasing opportunity to source work through each other as well
as with trusted connections in the supply chain for their services

The types of membership are as follows: